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Now offering two options of 4.25" x 5.5" note cards as shown here: 1. A 'Closie' of Jude called "Hey Jude!".
2. My portrait of Muffin entitled "Muffin says..."

These are limited print runs and won't be on sale indefinitely. If all goes to plan, I will be making some future pieces available, too.

Pack of 10 (with envelopes) = $13 state 1 or 2
Pack of 20 (with envelopes) = $21 state 1 or 2
This price includes FREE SHIPPING to mainland USA.
For shipping to Australia & United Kingdom add $7.
For shipping to Canada add $3.

Payment: By PayPal please, log onto their site HERE, enter in my email address (you may have to click on a "send" button first) and you can pay into my account using your debit or credit card from most countries.

Address: I need an address to send the package to.

Contact Details: Please provide either a telephone number or email address in case I have any questions.