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If you now know the size and price you want, please follow these 5 steps to no hassle ordering:

1. Photos: If digital (and I prefer them), send them to my email: kevinpoole@ymail.com.

2. Payment: By PayPal please, log onto their site HERE, enter in my email address (you may have to click on a "send" button first) and you can pay into my account using your debit or credit card from most countries.

3. Address: I need an address to send the package to.

4. Pet: For my records please, what is the name and breed of your pet?

5. Contact Details: Please provide either a telephone number or email address in case I have any questions.
Please note: Kevin Poole retains exclusive rights to reproduce his artwork for both promotional and commercial use.
If the portrait is a gift to celebrate an occasion, tell me what date do you need the portrait by and whether you'd like me keep it off my Facebook page until gifted.

If you would like advice on which photos to pick, or you'd prefer to use the postal service to order and pay, read on...

...When choosing photos, it doesn't always have to be the perfect pose, sometimes the more casual the pose, the more of their personality shows through. Natural light is always preferable, but not a necessity, and obviously the more detail in the photo will lead to a better portrait.

If you don't want to send payment or photographs online, then sending a check along with printed photos will work too, email me to let me know and I will reply with my PO Box address.