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I like to make people happy. Sending customers portraits of their beloved pets goes a long way to achieving that, which in turn makes me happy, so a definite win win! I work from your photos in colored pencil on a heavyweight paper called Bristol board, thick enough not to warp or wrinkle, thin enough to roll up in a tube for economical mailing.

Prices include delivery to the mainland US, for any other areas, shipping is extra.

More of my work can be seen on the my gallery page. On other pages you will find portrait size options, my price list, and very clear instructions on how to order. On the right-hand column is the variety of options I now have available, it seems one has to diversify, and I'm loving it.
Based on the Closie "Hey Jude", a popular new product and already have returning customers. Hoping to have more titles over the coming months, in packs of 10 or 20, Click HERE for more details.
The original. One, two or more pets. Three size options too, click on the "Prices" button above to find out more.

Armchair Sketches
mini portraits.

Close-ups, mainly capturing eyes and nose, makes a very strong impact when framed. Two sizes available.

My Pet & Me
Based on the popular selfie, you and your pets immortalized forever. Please click HERE! for full details.
Kevin Poole retains exclusive rights to reproduce his artwork for both promotional and commercial use.